Answering a few questions about a Social Usability Study offering!

We thought we’d tell you a little more about the service we offer to conduct Usability Studies by answering these questions. You might have some of these same questions or more! If you have any more questions about these answers or want to know more either comment here on this post or hike on over to our online support & discussion community at GetSatisfaction!

  • What is a Usability Study?
  • Why does my business need one?
  • Why does my Design Firm need to offer them?
  • Why does my Web Development Firm need to offer them?

A Usability Study is a service offering whereby a website, internet-ready product or service, web-based or standalone application or game can be analyzed as to its suitability & usability for the intended audience with a repeatable, measurable process using a set of qualified participants.

A set of tasks will be given to the chosen participants in a 1on1 session, fully monitored, scripted & observed so that important results can be reported back to the sponsors of the Study.

State-of-the-art digital recording technologies are applied during the sessions so that reports are more alive with their useful & usable recommendations, developed from the actual observed events during the sessions.

Industry standard practices that are normally delivered by full-service research firms in large usability labs are now available for projects carried out on a smaller, more manageable & responsive scale.

Businesses need these services even more today in order to manage their expectations for the success of a new offering, as well as provide for some analysis of failure points in an existing system that need addressing. This makes sure the investments are protected in building systems that are responsible for delivering revenue that affects the bottom line.

If this new offering is being delayed or questioned in its readiness for release then offering a Usability Study will find the weak points of the new system or show its readiness in measurable ways in a controlled environment way before the new offering reaches a general unmanageable audience.

Design & development firms can now protect their revenue streams from projects awaiting launch & address issues that can only be uncovered in a controlled environment. The usability of a deliverable can now be demonstrated beyond the traditional unit-test & QA process often conducted internally. Now when you think its ready you can get a controlled test of a qualified set of users, recruited from a set of target users.

Through an association with our Social Usability Study Service you can now bundle this service with your deliverables, offer it to manage risk on critical projects or use it to help a client see the value of what you have delivered to meet their business needs.

Service packages are available from the simple quick & dirty usability study conducted in a two-week time-frame to a more in depth, customized study where specific items to be tasked, information to be learned & questions to be answered delve as deep into the organizations product development process as desired by your client.

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