A Poll – Usability Studies & Agile Development – Compatible?

We’ve come upon a marketing conundrum here at Social Usability!

We understand the precepts & values of Agile Development, a process that has overtaken the development community. Waterfall development processes are passe now as they don’t deliver the Rapid & Responsive (RAD) development cycles that today’s businesses need to survive in what Seth Godin calls “the new economy, in the economy of launch and learn and revise” businesses are struggling to get their new thing out there as quickly as possible, iterating on function & design as they get their products quickly to market.

The dangers of premature launches are also discussed in more detail in our other post here. We won’t bore you here with all that language but for now, go read it if you must, but if you have an opinion about our question of the day, respond to our poll here, or over there if you want to read the meat & potatoes of our positioning.

Thanks for your interest & support – we’re trying to make sure our market for delivering Usability Studies is well defined, so any ideas you have on the topic, discuss in the comments here!

The guys @ Social Usability, MPH Consulting & the writers here at the blog-land thank you for stopping by – we’ll see you in the comments, monitored & responded to here or if you’re really interested go on over to our Support Forum.

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