Announcing a Best Practices Offering for Usability Testing in Agile Development Projects

Social Usability now has the capability to provide Usability Testing services while your Agile Development Projects are going through their iterative development cycles. 

This new offering is provided in addition to the initial offering of our structured 1on1 Usability Studies of your fully developed application, website or game presented in more detail in other areas of this blog.

Using a Best Practices approach with 12 Best Practices for Applying UX Design Practices in Agile Development available to consider, we now have the ability to deliver the components of the Best Practices best suited to adoption in your own internal Agile development process.

These Best Practices take into consideration the need for a parallel UX (interactive user experience) track to run in conjunction with & in total support of the traditional iterative development track that businesses & web development firms currently employ.

With the use of these Best Practices we are now able to add significant value to those who have adopted true Agile development processes (using Lean, Agile, XP [Extreme Programming] & SCRUM Project Management approaches).

The value delivered by applying these Best Practices is quantifiable once your current processes are reviewed, understood, evaluated & benchmarked against these Best Practices as a standard of operation.

Our main thrust is to provide Usability Testing at the right time, with just the right focus for improving the quality & usefulness of the features under design & development. Applying the Best Practices can substantially improve your development projects by making sure the features being developed are designed effectively, prioritized for maximum business gain & used easily by your target users.

These new services help conduct usability tests on paper prototypes, then do the proper combination of research, design & usability testing in a parallel track that works ahead & follows behind the developers, delivering continually more refined usability testing of the deliverables of your iteration cycles.

Specifics of the process & its integration into your iterations of design & development  (implementation of the parallel tracks) will be made available on request.

Results of these usability tests are provided by delivering them as answers to 3 questions:

  • What works,
  • What doesn’t and
  • Recommendations that your developers can work into upcoming sprints

These new services can be offered as an Assessment Project that evaluates your current processes & makes sure that Best Practices are incorporated into them.

We can also deliver these Usability Testing capabilities within a current or future project, embedding them into your current Agile processes, thereby creating all the value of a parallel track approach & positioning your organization for greatest possible fidelity to this set of Best Practices.

Contact us today to learn more about the value provided in these service offerings & get a better understanding of the details behind the approach we provide – learn why these Best Practices are suited for your organization & how they can get the systems you depend on built faster & with better user acceptance,  providing better market penetration by enabling your target markets to get just the right features, implemented effectively & driving the maximum revenue possible.

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