The Process for Usability Testing in an Agile Development Iteration (Sprint)

The new services that we announced recently here, taking a rigorous set of Best Practices (12) for UX Services in an Agile Development Project, are intended to help conduct usability tests on paper prototypes, then do the proper combination of research, design & usability testing in a parallel track that works ahead & follows behind the developers, delivering continually more refined usability testing of the deliverables of your iteration cycles.


 The design team works ahead a development time-box or two. In a given timebox they might be:

  • researching work to be done 2 timeboxes from now (T + 2)
  • validating design prototypes to be built 1 timebox from now (T + 1)
  • being available to collaborate with development to support work done in the current development timebox (T)
  • working with customers to validate working software built in the previous timebox (T – 1)

Provided by, Jeff Patton, describing Best Practice 4, an adaptation of the work done by Desiree Sy & Lynn Miller in their papers describing the Parallel Task approach they pioneered at Autodesk (formerly Alias).

User experience people working on Agile teams become masters of development time travel nimbly moving back and forth through past, present, and future development work.

For more details on the Parallel Track approach or the other Best Practices we are able to benchmark your team against & integrate into your teams effective use of Agile Development practices contact us for presentations with more detail & discussions about your teams needs.

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