Some comments on: The Role of Usability Practices in Agile Development

Here’s another example of & use of an iterative approach to usability testing within the cycles of Agile Development Projects. This one is from an interview posted on the Rally site, a vendor of solutions to manage projects based on SCRUM methodologies.

We continue to research the Best Practices we talked about & presented recently so that our readers can see the growing adoption of these BEst Practices by organizations & vendors in support of improving UX processes with the Agile community.

Have you integrated user centered design (usability practices) into the Agile development process? If yes, what was your approach? If no, why not?

JET: I believe user-centered design has a place in Agile development. Design emergence doesn’t mean it can only occur in the planning meeting for the next iteration, IMHO.

At Rally, our usability expert is always working one or two releases ahead to help create urgency and clarity about where our usability issues must be addressed. She doesn’t set out a design for the next 2 years. Instead, she:

  • creates a high-level vision (informed by many sources);
  • collaborates with the product owners about how to incorporate this across a product roadmap;
  • provides more detailed guidance about backlog items specific to the user-centered design;
  • then engages actively within Scrum teams when product backlog items specifically impact user design changes (where she is tester or owner or delivery team depending on the item.)

via Agile Development Blog: Scaling Software Agility – Part 10.

Let us know what you think about these Best Practices & contact us here in the comments or via the Contact page if you want to see how these Best Practices can be applied to your projects, helping to improve the processes you have undertaken to be more Agile.

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