7 reasons you can’t sell usability | Useful Usability

7 reasons you can’t sell usability | Useful Usability

(OR what’s MY objection to considering Usability Studies?)

When I was looking into issues I might have in marketing a Usability Practice I found this article – very good points on why it may be hard to sell usability engagements to various stakeholders in an organization.

If you’re a design company or a web development firm & are considering offering these services to your clients thru Social Usability you may want to take the time to review these 7 reasons you can’t sell usability – but the more important points in the 7 reasons is “what to DO about them”!

Likewise, if you develop products internally or outsource them to web development or design firms, you may want to consider whether you should undertake usability studies yourself or whether you should ask your suppliers to include them in your project deliverables.

See if these “common objections” help you recognize your reason for not considering the benefits of Usability Studies & then evaluate the recommendations for dealing with that objection for yourself – if you need us to help you understand that objection in terms of what we Services we perform then just hit us up!

If you need some help understanding how we at Social Usability can help you with these issues with your clients (or even your own perceptions of why Usability Studies are too much to bite off) get in touch & let’s talk about your issues over coffee @ thincspace!

via 7 reasons you can’t sell usability | Useful Usability.

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