Is Savannah ready for a new workplace paradigm? Consider Seths Blog: Goodbye to the office

Is Savannah ready for a new workplace paradigm?

With Seth Godin’s blog post about “Goodbye to the office” we are now prompted to think about where & how we work in todays economic conditions. The new office can be anywhere & everywhere but it should be a “place” says Seth.

While some of you may not know about Seth Godin, he is well known as a writer, blogger & pundit in the areas of marketing, branding & efficient work & business growth.

You may know of his writings on Permission Marketing where he defined the need to get permission from those you seek to market to before you try to interrupt them, changing the way marketing & advertising are done today. We take that for granted today in the social media connected world we live in now don’t we!

Not to ignore all the other great things Seth has written about you should familiarize yourself with his writings & maybe even subscribe to his blog so you’ll get new tidbits of wisdom & emerging thought to tickle your creativity & develop your own thoughts in the significant topics of the day.

The items he mentions in his list of considerations for the workplace today point to the need for a shift in workplace mentalities.

Collaboration & engagement with others of like mind… Items 5 & 7 say it all:

5. You can get energy from people other than those in the same company.

7. So go someplace. But it doesn’t have to be to your office.

So when you are your own boss how does all this work? You still need the values of items 5 & 7 even more now so you aren’t isolated & so you can grow & nurture your ideas as well as those of others you come in contact with in this new paradigm of workplace.

Thincspace presents that opportunity, to create a community that thrives on collaboration & the support of growth in jobs & work for the new worker in the new workplace.

This blog doesn’t often use its voice to speak about community issues & needs but Seth has focused our attention on the things that will not only make the work of this writer productive & successful but also that which has the potential to motivate all of Savannah’s technology, creative & sustainable workforce to get a bounce, change its focus to the community of workers here in this place we call home.

So, let’s get out of that home office, out of that coffee shop & collaborate on our ideas for creating a better workplace that meets the needs of todays workers.

Keep an eye out for thincspace as it brings its first CoWorking Day to town – look for ways there to engage with others & create a community that supports a workplace where we can all thrive, work for common goals, support each others ideas & the nurture & growth of them into thriving opportunities that creates more work & jobs for all of us so that our community can emerge out of this funk we call a recession economy, making ourselves ready for those opportunities that can only thrive in todays workplace.

Seth sums it up very well, so leave now & ponder his wisdom (below)…

The gain in speed, productivity and happiness is massive. Whats missing is #7… someplace to go. Once someone figures that part out, the office is dead.

via Seths Blog: Goodbye to the office.

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