Are you trying to be Agile? – comments from: Agile or Iterative and Incremental | Agile Zone

Agile or Iterative and Incremental | Agile Zone.

Some comments on being Agile in a Waterfall world – being careful treading there anyway is where this author comes from.

But from Kevin Lawver’s  comment on the previous post on Waterfall vs Agile & his teams sneak attack at AOL that got the whole company going agile, we need to go for the soapbox after we have proven some success can be delivered – biting the whole agile bullet will then deliver HUGE benefits that a one team approach got for that team.

To make agile scalable across a whole organization there needs to be a major commitment, trainers & coaches can help with the adoption, so can clear direction from Management!

Do you have your Management’s attention or looking for ways to get their attention – do what Kevin suggests in his comment to this post, take into consideration the views expressed in the referenced article above, then see where you need to go from there!

If you want to talk more about how we can help with our Best Practices offerings just let us know!

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