Agile and UX Coaching – Anders

Update: Once again, Joe Sokohl comes through with key insights, pointing out something that was obvious in my mind but I did not state explicitly in the post – the idea of a UX Coach is analogous to an Agile Coach. Just like the Agile Coach is not part of a team but helps the team undergo the transformation from a traditional to an Agile approach, so too does a UX Coach help Agile teams undergo a similar transformation, from UX being a vaguely mysterious notion to something that is just another normal part of an Agile project lifecycle.

via Agile and UX Coaching – Anders

So, does your Agile Team need a UX Coach? Making UX a natural part of the Agile development approach can enable your team to be a whole lot more productive.

If you don’t think you need a UX Coach yet, maybe you need to start with an assessment of where you are with good UX practices in your team – so check out our offering for an Assessment of the 12 Best Practices for UX in Agile development & let us know when you’re ready to discuss how your team may be performing!

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