Followups from Refresh Savannah Intro to Agile event

Hey all, thanks for the wonderful attendance & great discussion last night @ Refresh Savannah’s July event.

We had some very useful contributions from the audience & our resident “Scrum Master“! You see Scrum works so good that you too can get on TV & show off your favorite T-shirt! Kudos to uPlaya for their great success, all over the globe, from right here in Savannah, home of The Creative Coast!

There was a lot of interest paid to this image during the presentation – with a lot of discussion around how to make this work in some very interesting scenarios. If you want the image please let me know – it’s here for your perusal too:

Trying to locate the original source of this image! But, "Is THIS where YOU want to be?"...

The above image came from this post on the Agilitrix site:

Play the Scrum Simulation (based on XPGame) for Great Learning

The presentation has been uploaded to Slideshare – if you want the ppt let me know & we can arrange that for you.

And if anyone is interested in learning more about Parallel Tracks for UX & Development hit us up, we’re happy to share!

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