Are you worried about: Overcoming the Obstacles of Usability Testing | UX Booth

When people hear about ‘usability testing,’ many things come to mind—eye-tracking cameras, big HCI labs, a long testing process, a lot of expenses, and maybe a little confusion as well. Even at this stage in the proverbial game, usability testing isn’t so well understood, and misconceptions abound.

So what do you think about Usability Testing? Is it baffling you? Do you need to understand its benefits?

Don’t be confused any more! Contact us to help you understand its value to you & your organization.

This article lays out some of the same issues & misconceptions we saw in the “7 Reasons you can’t sell Usability” post a while back.

We can make Usability Testing easy, affordable yet valuable with our tools & techniques. Many of the misconceptions of the problems in doing usability testing are myths & we bust those myths wide open with our approach to meet your needs & deliver actionable, useful & usable recommendations as a result of our Usability Studies.

So if you need to read this article, come to us after you read it to help you get thru all of this. We’ve done it for others & we’d love to help you get usability testing done your way!

Just check out our contact information at the right of this page – let us hear from you today!

via Overcoming the Obstacles of Usability Testing | UX Booth.

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