Comments on: How Social Media Can Make Us More Productive

To quote Eric Clapton: “It’s in the way that you use it!”

In the constant back-and-forth arguments about Millennials joining the workforce, we’ve heard countless times that managers think social media is a distraction and ultimately a productivity killer in the workplace.

In response, the social media community has fought back by saying that these tools actually help them get things done faster, or bring other value to the business. But there have been few substantive conversations about precisely how social media might help you get things done.

Are you sing Social Media today in your business & personal lives? Do those parts of your life merge, blend & in fact become indistinguishable sometimes?

Most of the readers of this blog understand much that’s written in this article from Mashable, but if you have business associates or contacts who would question all that time they think you’re spending on Facebook or Twitter then show this to them & use it as a way to really explain the Business value to you in using Social Media tools.

I’ve had senior business people who have been around the block & who in fact have a Facebook presence themselves question me about how people can spend so much time on them or that it takes a lot of their time to stay current on them.

Well, realistically they are less likely later in their careers to get the benefits of networking through their use of these tools but rather they will be able to participate in requests from the younger set who they continue to deal with in their community development efforts when they “stay connected” to them in their efforts to support the work they need them to accomplish.

So, I found this read while perusing my daily Gist digest of contact updates – whoa, is that yet another social media tool? Well, yes it is! It’s a tool that leverages my email contacts, my linkedin, twitter & facebook contacts to help me keep up with them.

I’m not “selling” Gist here, although its a useful tool, but using it as an example of the tools that are being built to help us be even more productive using our social media connections to mine them for nuggets like this & to fulfill our need to bring all that mountain of information together in a productive way!

Hopefully this is all of value to you as you continue to move your productivity levels forward!

Take a look at this very substantive discussion about how using social media tools can in fact make you more productive & in fact increase the value of your connections!

via How Social Media Can Make Us More Productive.

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