Hope this isn’t You!: Usability Testing: Is your team stuck in a bubble?

He sighed. “Not at all. You can’t be embarrassed by something you weren’t aware of.” He went on, “We hadn’t looked at the site at all from the point of view of users outside the organization. We’ve been in a bubble.”

This post talks about a usability practitioner doing a presentation to an audience where she highlights some usability issues with a website to point out how much value a usability study could generate for potential clients.

This is a story of how the actual owner of the website reacted to this information – so, could this be You?

Check out the full story to see how the conversation went after she found out he was in the audience!

Then think seriously about whether you are caught in a bubble yourself – your organization doesn’t have to find out about their usability issues this way if you engage early by integrating usability testing in your processes.

Check out our Services & see if we can help you understand the value of usability testing in your own environment & take into consideration your particular circumstances.

via Usability Testing: Is your team stuck in a bubble?.

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