What We Do! (Our Services)

We realize it may be a little confusing to our readers & potential clients where our focus is these days!

Why do you need usability help?  If you want to know the following things about your product before you launch:

1. How will your customers react to your new design?

2. Will they understand how to use it?

3. Will your new design be more effective?

If you want to know the answers to those questions, here’s how we can help you!

Here are the services we deliver to our clients in summary form:

  • Full Usability Studies for new or updated websites, applications or (…) games delivering actionable, useful & usable recommendations;
  • Best Practices evaluations & studies of a development teams use of UX practices within their Agile processes;
  • Usability testing charrettes with new features at the level they exist at any point in the development cycles;
  • Training or Consulting on developing Parallel Tracks for UX & Development within an Agile or Scrum-based set of processes;
  • Consulting services to learn XP, Agile or Scrum-based Usability Testing practices in a series of Games-based learning experiences for your Team;
  • Delivering a set of Innovation Games-based processes within a Usability Testing framework to deliver best-value understandings & knowledge for a team of developers & users;
  • Developing a Repeatable Usability Testing Process within your organization so that you derive the best way to get the most value from Usability Testing.

Contact us here to learn more or to request an assessment of how we may best be of service to your organization with a meeting, an analysis of your needs & subsequent proposal if we feel we can be of service!

If you have questions about the value of Usability Testing or Usability Engineering Services we have found a great article we wrote about here regarding

7 reasons you can’t sell usability | Useful Usability

that should help you clarify the objections you may have. These common objections are related back to you with the proper way to consider the solution to that issue & see a justification for using Usability Services if that’s YOUR objection too!

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The Team @ MPH Consulting!

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